chapter 7: release

in the afternoon of the 16th, i went home.  they tried to wheel me out to my friend’s car, but that was totally unnecessary–if i can’t walk to the car, then maybe i’m not ready to leave the hospital in the first place.  but i COULD walk, and so i did, and in 10 minutes, i was in my living room.

the night of my release, i almost didn’t get my medication.  dr. gevorkian gave me a prescription which was illegal to fill in the state of california because of the paper it was written on.  my friend went to two pharmacies, and called the doctor.  she came back to me and said i couldn’t get my medicine until the next day.  OHHHHHH NO.  NOT AN OPTION.  i called the dr. myself, and calmly told him as a matter of fact that he would indeed get me my medicine immediately, or i would go right back to the emergency room.  and if necessary, i would be back sleeping in room 1718 before the night was over, because he didn’t give me the kind of prescription he was supposed to–the kind of prescription that would give me the pills needed to fight the fire in my skull.  he agreed to meet me at his office in Burbank in 15 minutes.

one friend had me there right away, and another friend was waiting at the pharmacy for the prescription handoff, so that i could go right back to where i wanted to be, the only place to be:  home.

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