chapter 19: location, location, location! MY BRAIN TUMOR

my tumor is in the deepest part of my head.  nearly right in the middle, and right behind my pituitary gland.  HOW THE CRAP DO YOU GET TO IT WITH A KNIFE????  not a good thought…  when it hemorrhaged, it bled into my brain stem, which is just behind it and below it.

in the rear view photo, you can see a main artery, called the basilar artery.  it is supposed to be centered in my head, but instead it’s being pushed to the side by my tumor.  another reason to remove the mass, but also another reason why cutting around it is not a good idea.

to properly understand the “aerial” photos, you have to imagine that you’re looking up and through my head from the point of view of my feet.  that’s why the tumor appears to be on the right, even though it’s actually on my left side, sitting right near two big important nerves that move my left eye.

on a positive note, i’m gonna use the picture at the top as my new E-Harmony profile photo.  cast it out…and reel ’em in.

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