chapter 34: friends

throughout my time since an inconvenient brain hemorrhage in may, i have depended on people close to me, for assistance in various ways.  and this blog has opened the doors to a world outside of my zip code, where friends from home or other far-away places have offered their support and encouragement.  so i just want to say thank you, for the blog comments (which i have not posted but have read with gratitude),  the phone calls, the emails, the texts, and the thoughts behind them all.  thank you for reading this blog, for considering me, and for reaching out.  it means a great deal to me, and it has certainly changed this entire experience.  my life has been slightly strange due to the mystery meat sitting in my head like a hunk of broiled enigma on a cheap, pastel, plaster school cafeteria plate.

thanks to my friends from school, from bessemer, from montevallo, from nashville, from los angeles, virginia, florida, oregon, and any place else where someone has made the effort.  i’ll always remember, and i’ll always be thankful.


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