chapter 48: me. a song.

who am i?

among those of you who are reading my blog, there is a fair amount of variance regarding your familiarity with me.  because of that, i thought perhaps i should share a little about myself, ways in which i happen to the world, and not just what is happening to me.

i’m an artist.  i sing.  i play piano.  i love to compose music.  songs.  orchestrations.  i’m working on a movie script.  i want to write a novel.  i love acting and must find a way to do it.  i’ve written standup comedy and will soon try it out.  i like to paint with acrylic.  i make up songs in the shower.  i have a drawer full of everything from kite string, to stickers, to safety pins, to leather cords.  just in case i need to make something.  creating is what i love.  more than anything in this world.

and so, as i head toward the unknown, soon approaching high-risk surgery with potentially severe impediments afterward, i will include in this blog over the next few days some examples of my art.  hopefully, there is a purpose here beyond narcissism.  hopefully, it is to share my view of the world, to some benefit of it.

thank you for reading all of these chapters.  i hope you will continue with me into the most pivotal moment of my life so far…


this is a demo of something i wrote.  despite the fact that it’s youtube, it’s only audio.

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