chapter 53: last words…

my birthday is May the 2nd.  4 days from now.  not long.  it will be an interesting party…but what if i don’t make it?  it’s not what i expect, but it’s within the realm of possibilities.  that’s why i wrote a will.  “Live for the probable, but be prepared for the possible.”  i got that from Kenny Rogers.  they really shouldn’t call him The Gambler.  if i’m unable to write again, what do i want to end this with?  i’m not sure…

i’m choosing this song.  this video isn’t my choice…but with the given time constraint for posting, i’m linking the song from a video someone made on youtube.  maybe look away, but listen…these are my friends, Jill and Andy…

have a great day.  and either way, i’ll see you on the other side…


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