chapter 55: update fom Louisa

well, today has been a MOST interesting day. Wade had his surgery at last. after two all nighters so he could finish everything he hadn’t checked off his to-do list, we rolled up to St Joseph’s looking like zombies back from battle. wade was lucky-he got to spend the day in a drug induced coma while I had to fight the toothpicks with contra from starbucks. but I was able to spend the day fairly stress free for a couple of reasons: he was in the hands of God & dr spetzler. also, we found out today he was not going to have to look like a scarred Frankenstein after the surgery with a zigzag scar down the side of his head & face. they were able to cut an incision that followed along his eyebrow instead. the surgery started at 9am and due to the new procedure, was over by a little after noon.
we met with dr spetzler after surgery and he said it was best case scenario even though they were only able to remove 10% of the tumor. he thinks it’s benign but we have to get confirmation. the other 90% had to stay because it is wrapped around an artery & the risk of stroke was too high. he believes enough was removed to relieve the pressure wade was feeling, but of course we have to wait & see.
recovery was fun. heard a few colorful stories leave his loosened lips and witnessed his catheter being removed as all former modesty had now fallen by the wayside!! he has had two very hot nurses so he is in total heaven. but even better, Britney & Michelle are fantastic. after trying to type his blog for a good ten minutes with a taped up, heart monitored thumb & a lot of drowsy drugs, he finally relented and passed the duty off to me, Louisa. he’s snoring soundly as I type on my iPod. forgive any crappy spelling or auto-corrected words that make no sense whatsoever. I’m typing fast so I can get this done so he can stop obsessing over it and instead focus on healing. I’m sure another blog from the man himself will be coming soon, but hopefully this will do for now.

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