Chapter 56

Hi all! Its Heather, bringing you a super early morning update. Here are some pictures Wade wanted to share.  He’s currently in ICU, reduced from 4 IV’s and a catheter to 2 IV’s and no catheter, probably in a really happy place courtesy of Dilaudid and his hot nurse. If all goes well, he could be released from ICU tomorrow, sadly leaving his hot nurses behind.  As readers of this blog, you are well aware of Wade’s almost comic bad luck so hopefully his move from ICU doesn’t come with a Nurse Ratched or Annie Wilkes.  Or a male nurse, which Wade would consider worse than any psycho fermale nurse… I’m counting today as a win.  When I talked to Wade after his surgery, he immediately continued a conversation we were having shortly before surgery.  About a movie, of all things.  Something much less important than the brain surgery he was about to undergo, but no less important that he had to finish his thoughts about it once he got that pesky surgery business out of the way.  That is just beyond cool. Please keep your good thoughts and prayers coming and hopefully Wade will be back in blogging mode later today.

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