chapter 54: Wade’s Surgery Update by Dawn

Hi to all in Wade’s world!  This is Dawn.  I drove him to Phoenix for his surgery so here I am to let you all know that everything went really well and he’s doing fine.

This morning he was acting like a total goofball… must have been the sleep deprivation.  He said he slept about 5 minutes last night (the night before his surgery).  I’m thankful to report that his surgery went very smoothly this morning.  At the last minute the doctor gave him the option of going through an incision just above his eyebrow instead of the more obvious cut he was planning on along the side of his head.  When I went in to see him after surgery I couldn’t believe how good the cut looked.  It was such a fine line… I think given some time his scar will be super hard to even notice.

There was one surprise… the doctor was only able to take 10% of the mass out of his head.  90% of it is still in there.  The doctor made the decision to not remove any more than 10% because the rest of the mass is dangerously wrapped around a major artery and there would be a high risk of stroke if he attempted it.  He said that the 10% that he was able to remove will take the pressure off of some of the arteries that were nearby and make for a much safer situation.  Strangely enough, the doctors STILL don’t know what this thing is!  So they are going to run a biopsy on the part that they took out.  He said it’s not cancer.  But a biopsy will hopefully let them know what it is.  Who knows… maybe it’s a skittle.  The doctor thinks it is something that’s not dangerous.  But they’ll know more soon.

When the doctor was done talking to us he told us that he believes the surgery could not have gone any better.  I am very thankful that there were no serious complications.

Sorry I’m no where near the writer Wade is… he’ll have more to say as soon as he can.  Right now he has a lot of sleeping to do 🙂

Thank you for your prayers!


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