Chapter 59: more from louisa

after 3 or 4 days of virtually no sleep, the patient finally slept most of the night and today.  he still has violent hiccups (I think we are on hour 40-something at this point.) they left long enough for him to rest but are back in full force as I type.  we did get good news today. the pathogen test results came back as a dead cavernous malformation.  it no longer has a blood supply and the dr thinks wade is out of the woods as far as any further episodes like he experienced last may.  the dr basically likened it to having a rock in his head where the top of the brain stem meets the base of the brain. I guess one could now say that his brain is permanently stuck between a rock and a hard place.  sorry, just a little (bad) hospital humor. of course he will still need to be monitored yearly just to make sure nothing changes. wade’s eye is still shut, bruised and swollen and the pupil remains dilated. the dr said he might see improvement soon or it could take all the way up to 2 years.  the issue is the “3rd nerve” (whatever that is.) the portion of tumor that was removed is near this highly sensitive nerve and even though it wasn’t cut or manipulated in any way, some patients still experience extreme physical reactions and wade is one of them. the dr does think however that since the nerve is fully intact, wade will heal completely, it’s just a matter of how long that will take.  there’s no way to know since everyone heals at a different pace.  the dr believes wade is doing great and said he’s able to leave the hospital whenever he’s ready. he had the option of leaving the today, but decided to stay until tomorrow.  i think that was probably a wise decision.

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