chapter 60: saturday, videos from me

so today i made a few videos.  they are self explanatory.  but before i post them, let me say this:  my hiccups are freaking KILLING ME.  i will hiccup 16 times in less than 8 seconds, during which, of course, i cannot breathe.  then i will burp out of reaction to the hiccups, and then sometimes throw up a little.  the hiccups are preventing me from sleeping, and they are such nasty chest spasms that they cause me to grab on to things or hit things when they happen.  this is the dumbest of all things to have a problem with.  of course, there’s no known cure (or cause?) for hiccups.  when will they go away?  i’ve been given two different medications for them, but nothing so far has worked.  it’s driving me INSANE.  i can’t really write much more, because i can’t see well, i’m exhausted, and more importantly, my hiccup attacks keep paralyzing me like cardiac arrest.


this first morning video took place during an initial lull in my little buddies’ attacks on my respiratory system…

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