chapter 61: sunday; videos; and– A BAD PERIOD: THE DISCHARGE

this post was supposed to be typed by louisa.  i’d taken some video earlier today, which i’d planned on linking here; but once I’d gotten “home” to the motel (yes, MOtel), I’d no longer felt good enough to link videos, type, or even speak.  but i am typing now at 9:48 p.m., because as louisa was logging into the blog, i began puking, and i didn’t stop ’til there was nothing left to vomit out of me.  at one point, i said, “hurry, and you can type that you are actually watching me puke right now.”  but she wasn’t fast enough.  that’s a statement of her lack of laptop prowess, not my regurgitation shortcomings.  anyway, i’m more awake now, for obvious reasons.  so let me just say:  i feel horrible.  hot one moment.  sweaty.  cold the next.  chills.  can’t sleep.  desperate for sleep.  headache.  eye ache.  desperate.  made request for hospital-advised “stool softener,” which i won’t explain.  let’s just say my brain feels very sensitive to every move i make.

here are the videos from earlier today, when i was feeling better.  and in case you’re wondering:  yes, i must admit, puking has lessened my agony, although only by a small amount, not nearly as large as the amount of barf itself.

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