chapter 67: coming soon…

today is sunday, may 22nd.  it’s almost exactly 3 weeks and 3 days since the fluid raced through my veins, the liquid which took me out of consciousness and underneath the great depths of anesthesia, so that my face could be slashed, a quarter-sized hole cut into my skull, my brain lifted, and a mass cut out of the center of my head, where my brain and brain stem meet.  i’m happy to say that i’m writing this from my own bed, in wonderful Toluca Lake, in the North Hollywood/Universal City area of Los Angeles.

as i become more cognizant and functional, i will be returning to this blog, to continue my narrative where i left off–at USC for my cardiac MRI, as part of my pre-operative clearance for surgery.  i will recount my way from there to here in much greater detail than the previous sparse reports from Phoenix…and i will log my recuperation and trajectory from here forward.


but for now, a song i wrote, a little more of me…

me, and a piano.

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